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Reusable Vacuum Bagging Systems, Hardware, Hoses & Pumps
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Ordering from Torr


Orders can be placed via


 shim5-15 - E-Mail:


 shim5-15 - Fax: 253-735-0437 (Please include contact name and phone number)


 shim5-15 - Phone: 253-735-9115  or  800-845-4424


If you're a new customer you're welcome to pay via Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Wire Transfer, C.O.D. or provide credit information to setup an account with Torr.


Ordering Tips for various products

Vacuum Bagging Systems
Vacuum Hardware & Fittings
Vacuum Hoses

Vacuum Bagging Tools and Systems are custom-built to best meet our customers needs.  Phone, fax or e-mail to request a quotation on a system for you. Our RFQ Outline lists some of the common details we need to know in order to quote a system.

Torr's Price List contains part numbers and descriptions for the majority of Torr's vacuum probes, quick disconnects, fittings, gauges, gas springs, hinges and more.

There are 3 details needed when ordering vacuum hose.
  -  Hose type
  -  Hose length
  -  End fittings
Our Hose Tip Sheet explains how to combine those details for the correct part number.
For information on the types of hose and end fittings available see our Hose web page


Silicone Rubber Sheeting
Vacuum Pumps

Torr offers cured and uncured silicone rubber sheeting in several compounds, thicknesses and widths. When ordering please specify:
  - Compound
  - Thickness
  - Width
  - Length
For specifications on silicone rubber sheeting and Interflow™ see our Silicone Rubber Sheeting page.

Torr carries Rotary Vane, Venturi and Diaphragm vacuum pumps. When selecting the pump that would best meet your needs please consider;
- vacuum level requirements
- environment (cure by-products, dust, etc)
- rate of flow needed
- with or without tank

- compressed air operated (venturi) or electric
- available power (115, 230, 460 volt, 1 or 2 phase, 50 or 60Hz)

- horsepower
- additional items such as gauges, manifolds, hoses

For details on Torr vacuum pumps see our Pump web page.