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Vacuum Pumps

Torr carries a wide variety of vacuum pumps
- Venturi, Diaphragm or Rotary Vane
- lightweight portable to full-size stationary
- with tank or tankless

501120 Diaphragm Pump
These oilless pumps are very quiet and durable. The 501120 is configured for portability with handle, suction cup feet, side-mounted switch, and power cord. Comes standard with 1/4” female npt connection and vacuum gauge. Some options are 2- or 3-way ball valves and manifolds.
 • 1.3 cfm free air displacement, 25.50” Hg ultimate vacuum
 • 1/8 HP, 1575 RPM, 115V, 60 Hz
 • On/off switch, 5.5’ cord
 • Very quiet, oilless operation


505x20 Compact Venturi Pump
The 505x20 utilizes a quiet, high-efficiency venturi pump to generate vacuum using a compressed air source. This compact module includes all the hardware that normally needs to be added such as on/off valve, regulator, and gauge. A mounting plate is also provided.
• 4.2 CFM vacuum flow, 27.9” Hg ultimate vacuum
 • 3.4 SCFM air consumption at 58 psi.
 • 1/4” female npt air connection
 • Low noise level


TM Series Industrial Venturi Pumps
The TM series combines the highest quality pumps and integrated them with heavy-duty complimentary components to produce a line of quiet, automatic, feature-laden high-efficiency pump systems. Although not as efficient as a dedicated electric pump, they utilize compressors that most shops already have. Included is a high-flow filter, check valve, 4-port manifold, vacuum switch, and gauge.
• TM25: 14 CFM vacuum flow at 0” Hg, 3.8 CFM air consumption, 27.5” Hg ultimate vacuum
• TM50: 23 CFM vacuum flow at 0” Hg, 7.4 CFM air consumption, 27.5” Hg ultimate vacuum
• TM100: 33 CFM vacuum flow at 0” Hg, 14.8 CFM air consumption, 27.5” Hg ultimate vacuum
• TX40: 6.4 CFM vacuum flow at 0” Hg, 5.3 CFM air consumption, 28.5” Hg ultimate vacuum
• TX80: 13 CFM vacuum flow at 0” Hg, 10.6 CFM air consumption, 28.5” Hg ultimate vacuum
• TX120: 18 CFM vacuum flow at 0” Hg, 15.9 CFM air consumption, 28.5” Hg ultimate vacuum


502150 Rotary Vane Pump
Oil-bath rotary vane pump is set up for portability and provides high ultimate vacuum level. Comes standard with 3/8 and 1/4 female connection. Torr can provide adapter fittings to work with customer’s existing plumbing. Pump is shown with optional gauge. Also available with 18" hose and 4-port manifold.
• 5 cfm free air displacement, 29.91” Hg ultimate vacuum
 • 1/2 HP, 1725 RPM, 115V, 60 Hz, with thermal overload protection
 • On/off switch, 10’ cord
 • Low noise level


503 Series Portable Electric Vacuum Pump System
.The 503 series vacuum pump system serves as a portable vacuum generating station. It can easily be moved and plugged into available 120v power (10-foot power cord and plug)

 • Multiple vacuum lines
 • 2.9 gallon vacuum reservoir
 • Control panel with HOA switch, gauge, vacuum level adjustment
3 models with CFM from 3.7 to 8.0, ultimate vacuum 27.5 or 29.1


VCE 25/40/60/100 Industrial Rotary Vane Pump
These pumps are built for central shop/autoclave/oven vacuum supplies. They incorporate motor starters, vacuum switches for automatic operation, high vacuum levels, high-flow filters (carbon or polyester), and tanks. They generate high vacuum flow very close to their ultimate vacuum level of 29.63” Hg.
• 60, 80 or 240 gallon tank (primer-coated).
• 208/230/460 3 phase
• Oil-flooded rotary vane pump with check valve
• Large intake filter housing with carbon filter
• Spare filter element
• Enclosure with motor starter, vacuum switch, manual/off/automatic switch, vacuum gauge
• 2” npt connections (2)



VCE-25   1.5 HP
18 CFM
VCE-40   2.0 HP
28 CFM
VCE-60   3.0 HP
42 CFM
VCE-100  5.0 HP
71 CFM